Today's declared runners

Today's declared runners
Horse Race Day
A S Silent Storm 19:54 Zia Park Tuesday
Abbie's Way 20:48 Zia Park Tuesday
Abetemarco 23:03 Zia Park Tuesday
Add On 01:40 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Adorable Brittany 20:48 Zia Park Tuesday
Alifatic 19:27 Zia Park Tuesday
All Hands On Deck 02:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Almost Evil 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Alpha Sixty Six 20:46 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Amblin Man 18:58 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
American Camp 02:05 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Amy's Honey 19:00 Zia Park Tuesday
Angelo's Pride 21:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Apolitical Corona 19:27 Zia Park Tuesday
Archie's Girl 21:02 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Arrhythmic Surge 00:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Artemis Rising 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Ask Chuck 18:58 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Ask Neal 23:54 Penn National Tuesday
Assault Weapon 23:54 Penn National Tuesday
Atalanta Bay 19:27 Zia Park Tuesday
Auld Lange Syne 18:31 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Ava O 01:43 Penn National Wednesday
Awe Patriot 20:33 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Awesome Break 17:45 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Awesome Galaxy 20:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Awesome Steel 20:33 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Baci 01:43 Penn National Wednesday
Bahamian Beat 00:00 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Balfast N 02:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Bali Beach 01:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Barbara's Champ 22:36 Zia Park Tuesday
Bay Defense 17:45 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Bayfield Beach 01:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Be Cool If Ya Did 23:03 Zia Park Tuesday
Beach Peach 02:30 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Because I Can 20:46 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Beckham James 20:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Bess 01:16 Penn National Wednesday
Best In Show 00:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Big Gallant Hero 20:21 Zia Park Tuesday
Big Mac Daddy 21:42 Zia Park Tuesday
Black Light 20:46 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Blanconia 18:40 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Blue Azul 23:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Blue Paynt 17:10 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Blueberry Heaven 03:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Bluegrass Posse 02:10 Penn National Wednesday
Blues Rapper 22:41 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Blurred Version 19:54 Zia Park Tuesday
Bobbie's Derby Boy 17:45 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Bock 00:49 Penn National Wednesday
Bodac Delight 20:21 Zia Park Tuesday
Bogart Jr 20:21 Zia Park Tuesday
Bolt Of Beauty 01:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Bonita Lassie 01:16 Penn National Wednesday
Bossy Cat 23:54 Penn National Tuesday
Brandistyled 22:06 Zia Park Tuesday
Brewing Storm 23:00 Penn National Tuesday
Brickfielder Pz 19:54 Zia Park Tuesday
Bridlecrest 23:54 Penn National Tuesday
Brodix 23:00 Penn National Tuesday
Bundledlike Bernie 19:36 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Busch Latte 23:54 Penn National Tuesday
Buster Bruno 19:25 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Busybeing Fabulous 20:04 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Cadillac Margarita 19:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Call Fitzroy 19:52 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Call Me Guapita 19:27 Zia Park Tuesday
Candycream 02:30 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Cantstoplying 01:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Canyon Of Heros 00:00 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Captain Fancy 03:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Captain Sleaze 00:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Captivate Hanover 03:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Carol's Royalty 21:02 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Carolina Island 02:05 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Cascabria 21:02 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Cat Lak 01:15 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Caucus Rules 22:36 Zia Park Tuesday
Cause I Said So 17:37 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Charlie The Greek 18:31 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Chelsea Wall 17:10 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Chief Exchanger 02:10 Penn National Wednesday
Cigar Box 18:58 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Classy Chapel N 02:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Coast To Coast 02:10 Penn National Wednesday
Cody Hanover 00:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Cold Rock 19:25 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Colonel Bayama 01:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Color Force 23:27 Penn National Tuesday
Colorado Candy 22:12 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Combating 23:54 Penn National Tuesday
Control Me Once 00:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Cool Spring 01:15 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Copper Peg 20:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Courage N Order 21:42 Zia Park Tuesday
Cowgirl Lilly 01:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Dancin Dragon 02:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Dancing Joe 01:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Dangerfield 18:58 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
David Nose Best 23:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
De Desperado 19:00 Zia Park Tuesday
Dean B Hanover 03:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Deb's Gunfighter 23:00 Penn National Tuesday
Delitfulcatherin N 01:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Dennard 19:52 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Diamond Head 01:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Diamondsinhereyes 21:02 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Dillon Rocks 20:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Discreetly Tough 23:27 Penn National Tuesday
Doctor Tink 21:15 Zia Park Tuesday
Dolly Dear 18:40 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Don With The Wind 22:12 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Double Storm 20:48 Zia Park Tuesday
Dr Gs Sweetie 19:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Dr. Grunseich 19:52 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Dracarys Z 02:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Eat My Dust 19:08 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Eida's Storm 02:30 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
El Dulzura 18:04 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Empress Irene 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Environs Hanover 02:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Estilo De Mujer 18:12 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Eternal Kingdom 21:15 Zia Park Tuesday
Exonerated Prez 20:33 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Exploit 01:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Extra Salsa 21:02 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Eye Miss Gary 03:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Favorite Doll 00:22 Penn National Wednesday
Feature This Dream 19:54 Zia Park Tuesday
Feel The Berning 22:36 Zia Park Tuesday
Fi Fi D'oro 22:06 Zia Park Tuesday
First Call 22:12 Turf Paradise Tuesday
First Crowned 19:36 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
First Glance 00:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Firstup 01:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Fizzing N 02:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Flat Out Phoebe 17:10 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Flat Out Super 21:02 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Flatter Her Again 20:04 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Flattering Ruby 01:43 Penn National Wednesday
Flight Risk 18:31 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Floresita 02:55 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Flug 00:00 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Flying Guillotine 19:36 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Fools Rush In 00:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Fromashestoashes N 00:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Fury Dot Com 19:54 Zia Park Tuesday
Gaisgeach 19:36 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Gambling Addiction 00:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Gamblingterror 03:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Get Along 20:33 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Getoutoftheharem 19:08 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Giant Payday 20:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Gingras Beach 02:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Give Em Heck Beck 22:36 Zia Park Tuesday
Glamazon 19:27 Zia Park Tuesday
Glowing Star 23:27 Penn National Tuesday
Go Go Sadie 19:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Go Manny Go 01:40 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Gold Treasure 21:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Golden Galaxy Girl 21:02 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Golden Lassie 02:55 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Goodbyellowbrickrd 19:36 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Google It 00:49 Penn National Wednesday
Gordy's Rules 23:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Gosignal 23:00 Penn National Tuesday
Gotafoolishdesire 03:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Gothic Rock 03:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Gotiger Special 17:45 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Gran Causeway 18:58 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Green Growth 19:52 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Grins N' Wins 18:40 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Half Cocked 22:12 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Halstaat 17:37 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Happy Happy Happy 21:43 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Hart Well 20:33 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
He's The Souperwon 02:05 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
He'sarearviewtown 23:00 Penn National Tuesday
Heartlandbanysbro 01:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Heaven's Gait 00:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Heidi's Back 18:40 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Hematite 22:06 Zia Park Tuesday
Herrickroosevelt N 02:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Herzen 22:12 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Heza Hard Hitter 19:00 Zia Park Tuesday
Hidden Pride 19:08 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
High On Life 22:06 Zia Park Tuesday
Highly Explosive 18:40 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Honey Budder 20:21 Zia Park Tuesday
Hooray For Harvey 18:31 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Hopes And Prayers 02:55 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Hot Spot 01:40 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Hoxie 21:02 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Huracan 17:37 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Hurricain Hunter 21:43 Turf Paradise Tuesday
I Saw It All 17:37 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
I'am A Unicorn 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
I'll Make It Coach 17:10 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
I'm Benicio A 00:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Ice Bar 19:25 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Ideal Artillery 03:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Illbewatchingu 01:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Ilovecharlybrown 19:52 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Imma Be 03:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Indelible Image 19:08 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Indy's Outlaw 21:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Instant Chaos 19:25 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Intervention 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Irish Proud 02:05 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Iron Clash 23:54 Penn National Tuesday
Iron Drill 00:00 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Itsmycheck Gb 02:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Itty Bitty 01:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Jackzilla 00:25 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Jamminwithbrandon 18:31 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Jarlian 19:52 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Jess Kant Catch Me 20:21 Zia Park Tuesday
Jess Sweet Intention 19:27 Zia Park Tuesday
Jet Ace 03:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Joe Cool 20:33 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Joel's Girl 20:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Jornalero 19:00 Zia Park Tuesday
Joyride 01:40 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Juju Nineteen 19:36 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Jump For The Win 19:25 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Jump Shot 18:04 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Jupi's Lightning 18:04 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Just Classy 21:43 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Just Smok'n 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Jw's Third Mischie 20:19 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Kaitlyn N 01:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Karen's Way 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Katy The Cat 00:22 Penn National Wednesday
Kauai King 00:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Kaylasaurus 01:43 Penn National Wednesday
Kenzou's Rhythm 21:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Kiki's Lulu Rose 18:12 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
L Dees Jack Lopez 00:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
La Negrita 02:55 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
La Player A 02:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Lady Itch 19:08 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Laissez Faire 18:40 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Laughagain Hanover 01:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Lil Latigo 23:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Lil' Ninja 22:12 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Lincoln Boulevard 03:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Link In Front 18:12 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Lisburn 00:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Load Up Moe 19:52 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Lolly Express 20:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Long Tom 00:49 Penn National Wednesday
Loopy 21:43 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Lotsa Lena 20:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Louisianapaintwagon 19:54 Zia Park Tuesday
Lovely Lydia 01:16 Penn National Wednesday
Loxodrome 00:49 Penn National Wednesday
Luciano N 02:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Mach Time N 03:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Macintosh N 00:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Maldives Model 23:27 Penn National Tuesday
Malnificent 01:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Mamaigotthis 19:52 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Marc In The Box 03:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
March On Linch 22:12 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Maria's Tower 22:06 Zia Park Tuesday
Marilyn Moneyroll 22:06 Zia Park Tuesday
Marlbank Road 00:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Master 19:36 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Mavi 18:12 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Maybe Franky 20:04 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Maythehorsebwithu 20:19 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Mccirca 19:00 Zia Park Tuesday
Melodious Singer 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Midnight Alibi 19:36 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Midnight Luck 22:41 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Midnight Rebel 03:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Millie 00:50 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Millwood Bonnie N 02:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Minding Millie 01:16 Penn National Wednesday
Mine Me 21:43 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Minnie Me Ha 20:48 Zia Park Tuesday
Miss Little Daise 19:27 Zia Park Tuesday
Miss Moreno 00:22 Penn National Wednesday
Miss Rebekah 20:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Misty Shade Of Blue 19:27 Zia Park Tuesday
Mithra 19:52 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Mittensandmukluks 00:22 Penn National Wednesday
Mongolian Angel 02:55 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Monteleone 18:31 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
More Power To Him 23:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Mountain King 17:37 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Mr Superb 20:33 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Ms Sally 21:43 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Ms Take Heed 22:06 Zia Park Tuesday
Ms Teek 01:43 Penn National Wednesday
Mutadarrib 17:45 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
My Train 18:31 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Mysweetboymax 00:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Native's Filou 01:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Ninetypercentbrynn 01:16 Penn National Wednesday
No Question 01:15 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Nobiz Like Jetbiz 18:31 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Nocturnal Bluechip 00:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Nombre 02:55 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
North Fork 22:41 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Northern Express 20:46 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Not Today Satan 21:15 Zia Park Tuesday
Nsm Double Jess 19:27 Zia Park Tuesday
O'haire 20:33 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Oak Creek Canyon 02:55 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Off Duty 18:58 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Off Topic 01:16 Penn National Wednesday
Offensive 21:42 Zia Park Tuesday
Ohoka Johnny N 03:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Old Man Mac 01:40 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Old West 20:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
On The Cards N 02:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
One Step Away 21:42 Zia Park Tuesday
Onlyattheshoe 02:05 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Palice Revenge 23:03 Zia Park Tuesday
Palm D'Oro 02:55 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Parker Madison 02:30 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Parsimony 20:19 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Perfectly Plain 00:00 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Pharaoh's City 18:04 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Phoenix Fire 21:42 Zia Park Tuesday
Pinebush Lifesaver 03:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Playoff Bound 23:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Plum Lucky 21:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Political Cartel 19:54 Zia Park Tuesday
Poppy Drayton N 02:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Porsupuesto 19:25 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Postmanfourtyeight 22:36 Zia Park Tuesday
Pow Wow 22:06 Zia Park Tuesday
Presto Change O 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Pretty Handsome 00:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Pretty Liddie 00:50 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Pretty Not Handsom 19:27 Zia Park Tuesday
Pretty Spectacular 17:10 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Pylon 20:19 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Queen Abarrio 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Queen Creed 20:04 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Queen's Dream 00:22 Penn National Wednesday
R Thing 19:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Race Day Mae 22:36 Zia Park Tuesday
Raisebeforetheflop 22:36 Zia Park Tuesday
Raptors Flight N 03:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Ready Reward 00:49 Penn National Wednesday
Rebel Royal 01:40 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Red Right Hand 00:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Renee's Z Va 19:25 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Restitution 20:33 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Rhodena Road 01:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Rising Storm 17:37 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Risque's Jewel 23:27 Penn National Tuesday
Road Call 19:25 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Roaring Ocean 00:00 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Rock Solid Truth 00:25 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Rockin Cowboy 18:58 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Rockn Philly 02:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Rolling With Sam 02:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Ronnies Return 19:54 Zia Park Tuesday
Rosa's Soul 18:12 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Royal Blue Boy 18:04 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Run Kitty 19:36 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Runaway Crown 00:25 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Runaway Tempting 19:54 Zia Park Tuesday
Russian Runner 17:37 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
S W Briar Rose 01:43 Penn National Wednesday
Sammys Fishinchips 20:21 Zia Park Tuesday
Samson Blue Chip 00:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Sandia's Best 23:03 Zia Park Tuesday
Sandy's Beach 02:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Santafe's Coach 02:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Santi Corona 20:21 Zia Park Tuesday
Sb Holly Wood 19:54 Zia Park Tuesday
Schwartz Bros Pat 00:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Scotch Rock's 20:46 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Seattle See Ya 22:41 Turf Paradise Tuesday
See You At The Bar 02:30 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Seedsandstemsagain 19:00 Zia Park Tuesday
Sensemaker 20:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Seth Hanover 03:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Seven Rooney 23:03 Zia Park Tuesday
Sexy Business 00:25 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Sharingthejourney 20:33 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
She Broke My Heart 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Shecandance N 02:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Shell Game 22:06 Zia Park Tuesday
Sheza Mean Broad 00:50 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Shotgun Rider 22:41 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Sigalert 21:42 Zia Park Tuesday
Silver Dollar City 00:00 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Siren Call 19:08 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Sixth Gear 23:03 Zia Park Tuesday
Sky Watch 23:03 Zia Park Tuesday
Smoken Houdini 23:03 Zia Park Tuesday
Snazzy Dresser 20:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Social Equality 19:52 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Sonnet 20:04 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Southwind Petyr 01:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Spayce Cowboy 20:21 Zia Park Tuesday
Spirit Mission 21:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Spooky One 23:00 Penn National Tuesday
Squallsghostmover 23:03 Zia Park Tuesday
Starlit Secret 20:04 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Starship Blanca 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Start Cashin 02:10 Penn National Wednesday
Stay Hydrated 20:19 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Stellar Yankee 00:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Stonegate 20:19 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Storm Alfeet 00:49 Penn National Wednesday
Stormin L D 21:15 Zia Park Tuesday
Strawberry Red 18:04 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Stretford End 22:12 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Super Vision 02:05 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Suvorov's Hero 17:45 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Swan Point 23:27 Penn National Tuesday
Sweet Empire 19:08 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Switchrattlenroll 00:22 Penn National Wednesday
Sworn Silence 01:15 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Tahoe Blue 20:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Taino House 21:15 Zia Park Tuesday
Take Charge Deputy 20:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Talk To Her 19:00 Zia Park Tuesday
Tall Poppy N 02:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Tandes 23:03 Zia Park Tuesday
Tara's Talent 01:43 Penn National Wednesday
Teddy Time 23:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Tell Them Lou 03:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Texas Terror N 03:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Thats Da One 20:21 Zia Park Tuesday
The Greatest Eagle 21:15 Zia Park Tuesday
The Hunk Next Door 22:36 Zia Park Tuesday
The Italian 18:04 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
The Last Apple 20:04 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
This Ill Defend 20:46 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Three Potatoe Four 17:10 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Thrilling Baby 17:10 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Thurman Merman 02:10 Penn National Wednesday
Tinas Runaway Train 20:21 Zia Park Tuesday
Tiz Valentino Daze 19:52 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Touch Me Not 21:13 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Treasured Nikky 18:12 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Trinni Valantine 01:40 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Tripple Step 00:50 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Trophy Chest 20:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Turing Machine 21:02 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Two Gold Spots 00:25 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Ty Ran A Homer 18:31 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
U S S Costly 00:25 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Ucantkeepup 18:40 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Ucanttouchthis 01:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Unconscious Power 22:41 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Uncontrollable 01:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Union Station 03:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Unleash Me 00:25 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Vel Mr Nice Guy 00:35 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Velvet Sami 21:02 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Vergeofgreatness N 02:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Victory Built 20:46 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Violent Surprise 19:36 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Vishnu 00:49 Penn National Wednesday
Voodooism 00:50 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Voy A Ti 20:46 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Vroysky 21:42 Zia Park Tuesday
Waiting On William 02:30 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Walter Mitty 02:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Warrant Officer 19:52 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
We All Agree 19:40 Turf Paradise Tuesday
We Think Alike 03:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Wed O's Champ 22:41 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Wee Monie Creek 01:15 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Whoa Nessie 21:43 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Wicked Fortitude 23:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Wild Oatsse 00:50 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Wild Wild Kingdom 21:10 Turf Paradise Tuesday
Wildcat Cartridge 01:16 Penn National Wednesday
Winners Win 19:25 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Wise Jude 20:19 Philadelphia Park Tuesday
Wish For Magic 02:55 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Wolf Eyes 21:02 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
Wonder In 02:10 Penn National Wednesday
Wontontomato 22:06 Zia Park Tuesday
Woodmere Alvin 01:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Woodmere Harriet 01:15 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
World Is My City 01:15 Mountaineer Park Wednesday
Wortherweightngold 20:04 Mahoning Valley Tuesday
You've Got Male 23:54 Penn National Tuesday
Zach Maguire N 02:55 Yonkers Harness Wednesday
Zenmagic 20:48 Zia Park Tuesday
Zoe My Love 01:15 Mountaineer Park Wednesday